Smart Industry and
Smart Services for
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Integrated Smart Services for intelligent production processes and Smart Industry.

With our Smart Services, your data becomes an economic and ecological asset for a future in which you can operate more efficiently, agile and sustainably.

Smart Services

Discover our innovative collaboration products for Smart Industry in cooperation with partners such as TÜV SÜD.
  1. 1 HAZOP+
  2. 2 AMAIS
  3. 3 Total Sustainability Control
  4. 4 Certification


The extra PLUS in your next HAZOP study

We combine process safety with data-driven process optimization in a unique service approach, leveraging synergies that improve plant safety, integrity as well as economic and environmental efficiency.

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Asset Monitoring Artificial Intelligence Supported

The new upgrade for your plant safety 

AMAIS provides permanent condition monitoring of your plant through a fixed network of sensors as well as an AI-supported analysis and prediction of the plant’s integrity.

Predefined thresholds trigger alarms and send critical information to defined stakeholders who can take early and planned action to avoid unplanned shutdowns, maintenance and high costs.

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Total Sustainability Control

Sustainable, controlled and data-driven
into the future

EU Green Deal: Optimize your sustainability score! With an integrated service package, we assess, verify, optimize and validate the sustainability of your production process in a certifiable Operational Excellence 4.0 project.

Rely on independent expert advice and optimize the sustainability and profitability of your production.

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Reliability and technical compliance in your
Big Data projects

All our optimization projects follow the exact specifications of the VDI/VDE 3714 standard for the implementation and operation of Big Data applications in the manufacturing industry.

This not only allows us to ensure a successful and secure OPEX 4.0 project process but also makes all our projects certifiable and legally compliant.

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Your benefits

  • Synergetic effects save money, time and effort
  • Data acquisition, data analysis and data use in one step
  • Improved quality of the HAZOP study through the systematic use of the operational data analysis from the OPEX 4.0 project
  • No exceeding of the defined safety limits in process optimization
  • Increase productivity while meeting safety and environmental requirements

Your benefits

  • Increased plant safety, integrity and reliability
  • Maximum transparency of asset integrity 24/7/365
  • Make informed, proactive decisions about maintenance strategies
  • Eliminate unplanned repairs, downtime and production losses
  • Reduce costs by extending inspection intervals

Your benefits

  • Transparency and objectification of corporate sustainability
  • Strengths, weaknesses and potentials at a glance
  • Make sustainable decisions based on data
  • Ecological and economic sustainability through data-driven process optimization
  • Verification and certification of sustainability projects

Your benefits

  • Proven and standardized procedure according to the VDI/VDE 3714 standard
  • OPEX 4.0 project certification by TÜV SÜD Chemical Service
  • Technical-regulatory requirements, standards and laws are always met
  • Full transparency and verifiability of project progress

Our partners

We work with renowned institutions and companies to bundle industry-specific domain knowledge and continuously drive the holistic implementation of Industry 4.0 in all its complex dimensions.

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