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Discover all there is to know about big data applications in the manufacturing industry! Whether you’re interested in staying up-to-date with regulatory requirements and standardised procedures, or you want to delve into our latest big data projects from industrial practice, we’ve got you covered.

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AI-supported parameter setting in polyurethane manufacturing

Efficient wastewater treatment at an isocyanate plant: Learn how we used AI to optimise steam consumption. Customer project in focus.

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Smart quality control in pipe & profile extrusion

Discover the benefits of a data-driven extruder: Less waste, lower costs. Learn more in our big data project.

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Predictive quality control in industrial nonwoven production

Efficient production control: Find out how model-based predictions of fabric quality successfully reduce reject rates. Big data project in focus.

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AI-based quality optimization in polyvinyl alcohol production

Discover how we use AI to predict and control quality fluctuations in this big data application example from reaction engineering.

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