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Control your production processes based on evidence. Digital strategies make you a winner.

Our solutions for your operational excellence in Industry 4.0.

Increasing digitalisation throughout the course of Industry 4.0 enables continuous, data-driven and automated optimisation of various processes. It creates new potential for evidence-based operational excellence. We call it OPEX 4.0.

Generate Maximum Value with Big Data

Take your operational excellence to the next level

Thousands of data records are generated every second in your production facilities. Through intelligent data analysis and modeling, you can identify previously unknown correlations and turn your data into valuable, evidence-based insights (smart data).

Process Optimization

Efficiency improvement

Cost savings

Sustainable value creation

Here's what we've already achieved

To date, we have successfully accompanied and optimized more than 1200 industrial projects and 470 different production processes.

We optimize technical production processes worldwide in currently ten different industries.

Through our experience and optimizations, our customers have been able to achieve significant efficiency increases of up to 30 percent and thus gain a competitive advantage.

With our technologies and methods for implementing all Industry 4.0 maturity levels, our customers were able to achieve a ROIC in four to six months on average.

We continuously participate in federal research projects and act as consortium leader.

The creation of guidelines and manuals on the topics of digitalization, Big Data and Industry 4.0 is an important part of our work. For example, our experience has played a decisive role in shaping VDI 3714, which will soon be published.

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We work with renowned institutions and companies to bundle industry-specific domain knowledge and continuously drive the holistic implementation of Industry 4.0 in all its complex dimensions.

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